Privacy By Design

Frame the GDPR compliance of your new projects and your new creations!

      Take the necessary actions in the creation of your new activities

Privacy by Design

The compliance of your data processing must now be decided and applied before the launch of your new projects!

Our Privacy by Design Pack is designed to support you when launching new components (software, applications, digital environments, etc.) or new processing operations involving personal data.

Privacy by Design » is a concept that makes it possible to comply with the GDPR without having to comply a posteriori, which is often more energy-consuming, more costly, and more technologically complex to put in place when you have to catch up with what already exists.

With this offer, the Consultant provides expertise and advice on data protection right from the design stage.

He or she will work closely with your business units and will propose the implementation of all the measures needed to both secure personal data and ensure good data governance throughout the processing cycle specific to your project.

Privacy by Design therefore takes the form of collaborative work with all those involved in your project (Tech & IT departments, legal teams, core business operational staff, web designers, marketing departments, etc.).

Our team will therefore need to have all the elements required to structure the project, in order to determine the data protection issues involved. Our Privacy by Design methodology is based on the following principles:

The establishment of preventive measures

The proposal of useful measures to reach the highest protection continuously in the project (privacy by default)

The integration of regulatory issues concerning the privacy of data subjects in the design of the project’s IT and technological axes

Vigilance regarding the presence of security measures to protect the data processed during the project life

Reduce the risks for your company

Applying Privacy by Design will enable your company to considerably reduce the legal, technical, and operational risks that may be associated with a failure to comply with the regulations.

Applying Privacy by Design will also give you a definite competitive edge and help you optimise your budgetary and financial axes by minimising the cost of repeated interventions to remedy a product that is not compliant right from the start of its launch.

Don’t hesitate to contact us: we’ll be happy to help you with your compliant design project!

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