About us

Specialized in the protection of personal data, DPOption benefits from expertise in the conduct of compliance programs, with entities from all sectors of activity, including: banks, mutual & insurance companies, logistics, public entities, hospitality, or digital marketing for example, with achievements in international contexts.

The firm is willing to collaborate fully and efficiently with the operational staff of your companies, to address their business issues and coordinate the business approach with their regulatory obligations.

In addition to DPO outsourcing and support programs, DPOption’s objective is to make the “Data Privacy” culture more accessible to your teams, in a context where professional practices are moving even more towards digital actions.

Our missions

To better understand about Data Protection and DPOption

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) applies to all public and private entities located in the European Union, as well as to those located abroad but which process personal data with specific data regulations in force. Regarding GDPR, this represents a vast majority of companies in France and in Europe, but this regulatory evolution impacts a significant number of legal entities worldwide.

The implementation of the Data Protection Regulation in force is a combination of rules that existed in the past but relatively unknown to companies, and new obligations in the way personal data is administered and managed daily. Any company, community, association, or group that uses personal data must therefore demonstrate the existence of standards, processes or internal policies that lead to the proper management of information about their customers, prospects, and employees.

Generally, two phases can be distinguished:

  • The implementation of the compliance programme between the start of the process and the execution of the initial compliance actions,
  • Continuity of the compliance programme in RUN format, allowing the application of all internal standards built during the initial programme.

It is therefore imperative to consider that compliance with data protection standard is a continuous process and involves actions to be carried out on a permanent basis (regular analyses of existing processing and new projects, reviews of GDPR amendments with partners and suppliers, management of requests that may emanate from the persons concerned by the processing, etc.).

The company provides ongoing and/or one-time support to its clients with an equally strict commitment in the following areas:

  • Quality: The Consultant offers industry-specific expertise through personalised advice and analysis, addressing legal and regulatory constraints,
  • Flexibility: Data protection oversight is coordinated with your methods and work organisation Compliance elements to be implemented are always assessed to adapt as much as possible to your entity’s technical and organisational possibilities,
  • Sustainability: DPOption’s support is long-term and ensures your data processing compliance over time. The Consultant will ensure the updating of established standards based on the developments in your business to ensure the application of internal procedures, policies, and recommendations.
The DPO (Data Protection Officer) is the function in charge of coordinating the implementation of Data Protection compliance rules. DPOption therefore wishes to be the alternative reference for companies facing the challenge of data protection. The Firm’s goal is to offer a range of compliance solutions in complete, sustainable, and accessible formats.
Consultants working with DPOption Clients have legal and operational expertise in terms of Data Protection Regulations. Combining their skills on the legal scope (control of European and local regulations, as well as the standards prescribed by the different Supervisory authorities with those that revolve around Project Management, the methodology proposed by the Consultants will satisfy a requirement for upgrading while adapting to the operation of your entity.

DPOption’s Consultants can cover compliance projects with an international dimension, including international groups of companies or entities located directly abroad.

The company offers tailored solutions for such situations to meet the needs of businesses operating beyond French or European territory.

Beyond the legal imperative supported by the Data Protection Regulation in force, the implementation of the necessary compliance actions will allow you to develop essential benefits to your business:

  • More control over your business processes, optimisation, and possible updates of your activities on data that may be outdated, and thus an overall higher quality in the daily tasks carried out within the company,
  • Promoting “data quality” in your relationships with your suppliers and business partners, in all areas of your activity (Marketing, Human Resources, Communication, Finance, Commercial activities) including when you act as a supplier on behalf of entities that will ask you to detail your Data Protection compliance strategy,
  • The reorganisation of your processes and the trust built up with your partners will strengthen the positive view of your customers, prospects, or users on your activities.