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The GDPR E-Book is the essential guide to organise your entity's compliance

GDPR Compliance Kit

The innovative and simplified creation of your company’s compliance base is in our GDPR E-book!

Through this documentation, you will have a guide outlining in a succinct and operational manner, the essential procedures to implement the GDPR compliance process.

This kit is ideal for SMEs and entrepreneurs who start a new professional project, and have no human means in-house to build the foundation of GDPR compliance.

Our GDPR E-book will combine completeness, simplicity and efficiency, ensuring you complete documentation on the protection of personal data, within your company.

The procedures of the E-book follow a uniform editorial scheme, as practical guidelines that are tailored to each theme within the applicable regulations.

They will give you the steps to follow in the different situations that can happen within your company, in the field of your data processing.

Compliance Glossary, Procedures by regulatory theme, Templates for writing content and GDPR formalities, everything is there to initiate a compliance process.

You will even get the opportunity to evolve in your compliance process after obtaining the GDPR E-book, by subscribing to a monthly compliance assistance that will help you implement the devices detailed in this written guide.

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