DPO on demand

Benefit from a dedicated data protection Consultant for your chosen missions and duration!

We support you to reach your objectives

Your customized compliance

The DPO on Demand, allows you to have a deep collaboration with one of our experts dedicated to your business, for as long as it takes to complete the actions required to achieve compliance.

He or she will advise and support you on all the protection of personal data issues you have identified, as well as those that may arise as you develop your knowledge of the subject.

More than just a Consultant, you will have at your disposal a strategic and human partner who will assist your teams and structure your personal data protection approach on a day-to-day basis, according to your needs.

With this offer, you will benefit from daily advice and support for your compliance, whatever subject you decide to raise and deal with!

What’s more, the Consultant will have the option of working on a time-sharing or full-time basis, giving up to 100% of his or her energy and expertise to the service of your company.

DPOption therefore offers you the continuous presence of an expert, in a time-sharing or remote format, according to the periodicity most appropriate to your situation and your problems.

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