Outsourcing DPO

Trust us for your Data Protection Regulation Compliance!

Benefit from external expertise to manage everything internally

Outsourcing of the DPO

This offer allows you to entrust all compliance actions and issues to your external Consultant at DPOption.

These compliance tasks are mainly those identified during the production of our diagnostic or a data protection audit by a third party.

In accordance with the regulation, you have the choice of declaring an internal or external DPO to the Supervisory authority.

DPOption, as an externalised DPO, will represent your interests whenever an internal or external issue occurs with an impact on privacy and data protection.

The Consultant will be on hand to manage interactions with the Supervisory authority or any other competent authority. DPOption is committed to providing a high-quality compliance approach, with the emphasis on listening, advice, adaptability and pedagogy.

You will benefit from the intervention of an independent expert who will offer you support and advice on data protection issues relating to your entity, reconciling strategy and with adherence to data protection standards.

Appointing DPOption as an external DPO offers advantages:

Our advantages

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The integration of a wide range of skills, provided by our various consultants, with up-to-date knowledge of the rules governing the protection of personal data, based on an ongoing legal monitoring approach

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The significant benefit of saving time, by allowing your teams to focus almost exclusively on their business issues

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The presence of a financial advantage, compare to the recruitment action that can be costly for your company, and the possibility, with DPOption, to adapt your needs and your budget according to a number of days per month determined in advance

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