Business Assessment

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Business Assessment

When you assume the role of Data Controller, it is crucial that you ensure the Processor you select adheres to data protection regulations, as you are responsible for choosing Processors who must be compliant with data protection standards.

Our Business Pack will give you the assurance that you are working with trusted service providers and partners to manage your data processing.

The aim, through the intervention of our consultants, is to be able to consult the Data protection compliance of your supplier contracts and professional partners but above all to identify the presence of data protection standards in the operation of their processing activities.

From the assessment phase (if you are using a new supplier) or the audit phase (for existing collaborations) to updating your contractual arrangements to comply with the Data Protection Regulation, our Consultant will be at your side to assist you throughout all the stages.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to ensure that your subcontracting and partnerships with third parties are fully compliant with your business!

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