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RGPD compliance audit

The Compliance Diagnosis involves assessing and auditing your compliance with the Data Protection Regulation in force at a specific moment in time. Our Consultant analyses all your practices, internal organisations, and existing data processing projects to provide you with the working documents you need to launch your approach to complying with the regulations.

Adapted document arein the event of an inspection by the Supervisory Authority.

Our Data Protection audit includes a complete analysis of your structure. Initially, the Consultant prepares questionnaires and interviews the various departments within your organisation.

Following discussions with the key roles in your company, he will draw up an inventory of personal data processing (categories of data, data origins, processing purposes, legal basis, data retention periods, responsibilities, processing media, recipients, related documentation, etc.) by creating your processing register. At the same time, the Consultant analyses the processing of personal data, identifying the potential and proven risks involved.

The Consultant then produces an assessment of your company’s overall level of compliance with Data Protection Regulations, providing you with a detailed analysis report on the various privacy themes, followed by a compliance action plan, detailing prioritisation criteria and the distribution of roles between your key business areas and the Consultant.

Are you in need of evaluating your data protection posture, establishing a record of data processing activities, organising your initiatives, and attaining a comprehensive understanding of your data processing endeavours ?

If you are interested in carrying out a data protection diagnosis within your organisation, then please feel free to contact us.

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Your Data Protection Compliance audit in 5 steps
We carry out a complete diagnosis of your level of compliance and we analyse each action performed on personal data to check the adequacy with data protection regulations.
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Audit of the various services

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Identification and analysis of documentation

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Assessment of the level of compliance

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Mapping and implementation of processing activities


Action plan

Development of an action plan

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